Our genesis collection
sad red alien

sad red alien was inspired by a hand drawn collection my daughter was doing each day. She would come into my office and create a new alien, in a different scene feeling a different emotion.

Understanding our emotions and finding a way to be 'okay' with being sad was an important part of our conversations each day.

She is an artist, and I was once a musician and poet. Midjourney inspired us to create a collection that would build our original connection.



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Our Process

the precursor

After many sketches we set out to find what we call the precursor.

The precursor is the image that captures the simplest core of the idea that we are wanting to give life to. This process included much trial and error. Trying prompts, creating variations, simplifing, starting over, repeat.

The precursor captures the core of the collection, but does not have too much opinion as to what the individual images would look like.

This requires balance.

the base prompt

Using the precursor as an input into the prompt, we set out to find other attributes that brought the collection to life.

This was also much trial and error, checkout out what other creators were doing, and playing with other variables to see if we could create diversity.

trait discovery

Now we set out to find traits within the base prompt that would increase diversity of the collection, while still retaining some cohesivness.

We didn't want all the aliens to be 'sad' actually.

We found that the traits interacted with each other in fantastic ways.

We found that we could not create a large collection with the right diversity without more work.

the platform

We then set out to make this a collective endevour

By integrating the AI generative art, into discord we were able to get additional feedback from a team of curators

This allowed us find areas where there was not enough diversity

We created additioal traits for the collection, and have gotten some surprising results.