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We are all creators

The Sad Red Alien project was born from the excitment we are feeling by the launch of deep learning models applied to image generation. Generative AI unlocks a new creative expression for many of us. Come join us and become a next AI assisted digital artist.

We are all curators

In order to ensure that the human element is at the core of this evolution in art, we are coming together as a communty to help all creators curate these collections. Through this collaboration we can find truely amazing pieces.

Launch Goal

The Sad Red Alien genesis NFT will act as the utility token form the platform.

Ownership of the token will provide access to the communtiy and tools provided by the platform. Token holders will be able to create collections, participate in curation and have pre-mint access to future collections.

Staking the token will be a core part of how we, as a community, select the next collection to drop

This will evolve as the community becomes more diverse and brings more ideas.


November 2022

Silent launch of curation platform fully itegrated into Discord

Many itterations based on feedback from early members.

Early December 2022

Added ability to manage NFT rewards so that curators can find their favorites and mint them for free during the drop.

Image upscaling completed to ensure higher resuloution images are available for physical goods.

Begin website development...

December 2022

Launch website and begin wider recruitement of AI art and NFT enthusiasts.

Contract development begins and testing for launch of genesis collection.

Begin 2nd and 3rd collections and refine tools to support easier creation of collections.


Genesis Drop.

Prep contracts for 2nd and 3rd drops.

Recruit more core members to help with community, staking contract, and machine learning to continue to refine curation process.

And then

Settle on drop econmicis for continued support of development

Add Stable Diffusion and Dall-E-2 support.

Develop roadmpa based on community needs.

Genesis Project Stats

Generated Images
Collection Size
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join us and be part of the conversation

NFTs are just the beginning, community curation is critical to keep the human element as a key role in AI enabled artistic expression.
You have ideas as well and we are ready to listen and incorporate those ideas into the platform.